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Liveaboard Diving in Maldives

By Maldives Boat Club

We are on a mission
to show you the true
adventurous side
of Maldives

Adventure Maldives a new branch of Maldives Boat Club. It consists of a group of experienced tourism industry personnel and intrepid adventurers that are trying to show travelers a unique and different side of Maldives, filled with magical adventures and secrets and unrivaled beauty, culture, and people that will holistically satisfy your personal quest for discovery and adventure.

Adventure Maldives is designed for unique travel experiences as well as revamped conventional adventure experiences. your Liveaboard Scuba Diving escapade with MV Adora is your gateway to your underworld adventure.

We take your Maldives Adventure seriously!!

Why Adventure With Us

magical hospitality

Magical Maldivian Hospitality

We grew up in a Maldives filled with adventure, magic, myth, secrets and an awe-inspiring natural beauty. Our forefathers sailed the seas by the guidance of the stars. They infused magic and rituals into their daily adventures. They taught us to greet each day with the promise of a soul-satisfying adventure. We want you to experience the Maldives that we fell in love with. To tingle your senses with local knowledge passed down from generation to generation. To fill your eyes with wonder, your bellies with laughter and your faces with smiles broad enough to be felt by generations to come.

expert guides for Maldives adventures

Expert Local Guides

Our crew are equipped with extensive local knowledge, waterman-ship and natural born hospitality. They will let you experience the Maldives like never before.

Maldives packages

Everything Is Included

Right from the moment the fragrant salty aroma of our beautiful ocean greets you. We’ve got everything covered – hearty meals, transportation & accommodation, magical guides and outstanding service

diverse adventures in Maldives

Diverse Adventures

From learning to cook traditional food, to Maldives infused scavenger hunts to UV light snorkeling. We offer so much more than the normal adventure based activities offered to travelers.

Maldives Adventure