Why a Boat Cruise Maldives is the Only Way to See the Archipelago Up Close



If you have that one relative or one friend who has experienced a holiday in the Maldives, then you need to hear their stories about the almost paradise-like beauty of the islands. But if you can, compare the stories of spending a holiday on just one island or going around the islands and doing some exploring. So if you’re not the type to just lay around the beach or hammock all day, perhaps you need to see the different islands of the Maldives up close and personal. And remember that some of these islands are uninhabited.


Boat cruises are popular

Cost wise, a boat cruise Maldives is much more affordable than staying at an exclusive island resort. But unlike a live aboard diving cruise, you don’t get to live on the boat. You stay either at pre-destined accommodations on land and you get to camp on uninhabited islands. Boat cruise tours usually last between 4 and 7 days. These tours even provide a great platform to get to know the local populace.


The benefits of a boat cruise becomes evident on the first morning when you come face to face with a new reef or atoll to explore, inhabited by a variety of marine life such as turtles, sharks, or manta rays, to name a few. Each morning is more or less this way, and during meal times the on-board chef provides brilliantly prepared fresh meals and snacks. On the way to a new island the boat captain and tour guide will engage you with talk about the island, its history, and what possible species you might encounter in those waters.


Memorable moments

There will be many memorable moments on a boat cruise that you won’t experience stuck on an exclusive island. You get to swim with turtles, beautiful angel fish, and explore uninhabited islands. At night, you’re safe on land at predestined accommodations or on the beach in a warm tent.



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