What is it Like to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Maldives


More than half of the world seriously celebrating the Christmas holidays will be doing so with the freezing cold, white snow, or both. So if you decide to spend the holidays by replacing the white snow with pearly white beaches and the cold with tropical calm and warm weather, the Maldives is the perfect holiday getaway to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

What better way to meet 2019 than with paradise-like waters and beaches as well as picture-perfect sceneries and a tropical climate free of pollution and hurricanes. In Malé city and most towns and villages, Maldivians are already celebrating through New Year’s Eve with performances by singers, dancers, and drummers usually provided just by the local residents. Houses and streets are decorated with colourful lights like it is during Christmas. Some of the restaurants and all of the resorts will be throwing their own New Year’s Eve party.

Surprisingly, carol singing from house to house is done in the Maldives on New Year’s Eve and households prepare dishes for the entertainers. Some exclusive beaches hold their own big event with buffets and dancing.

Resorts or Hotels

If you decide to spend the New Year holidays in a resort or hotel to be part of the exclusive large party celebration with buffet, you need to book in advance as often these resorts and hotels get filled to capacity during the holidays.

Before you book a resort or hotel, do inquire what New Year celebrations they will be doing. Do not book into a place that asks you to pay a mandatory fee for the New Year’s Eve buffet party. Remember that the Maldives is a Muslim country so liquor and alcohol is strictly prohibited except for the most isolated and expensive island resorts. Also, since pork is prohibited, you may not enjoy most of what is served in the buffet, and you will end up paying too much.

One suggestion is to just check into a hotel or resort and spend New Year’s Eve down at the Marine Centre for the big barbecue. Local people as well as other tourists will be there, with several local groups in charge of the barbecues. Though no pork will be served, beef, chicken, and a variety of fish barbecue dishes will be served.

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