Maldives Liveaboard Industry Needs More Educated Staff

The Liveaboard Association of Maldives (LAM) says that the liveaboard industry is a flourishing industry in the last 5 years. This is all thanks to more educated workers joining the industry. However, LAM stressed that for the industry to flourish in the next decade or so, it needs more influx of educated staff and workers.

According to LAM’s secretary general, Mr. Mohamed Ignaz, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds because the workers and personnel serving the guests aboard diving boats can fluently communicate with them and understand their needs. Mr. Ignaz added that currently, 80 percent of liveaboard staff and workers are locals, most of them educated. The target of the association is to hire 100 percent local staff that are all educated. This will also reduce the amount of money being sent overseas by non-Maldivian workers.

LAM further stated that members of the association have made huge efforts in the building and operation of safaris and yachts, and as a result, many locals have been recruited into the industry, mostly educated ones.

Safaris and yachts involved in the liveaboard industry plays an important role in the tourism industry as a whole in the Maldives. According to statistics compiled by the Tourism Industry, there are around 150 safaris and liveaboard companies plying the Maldivian seas, with millions of Rufiyaa (Rf) being paid annually by these companies.

An example of one these companies is Adventure Maldives, a branch of the Maldives Boat Club. Adventure Maldives offers its Scuba Escape Liveaboard package for experienced or novice divers.

Liveaboard or live aboard is the term used for any tour or diving package that involves living aboard a yacht or diving boat for the duration of 5 days to 1 week instead of staying on a private island exclusive resort or staying in an inland hotel.

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