What to Expect for Christmas in the Maldives

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This year, you finally got your family to agree to spend the Christmas holidays in the Maldives. This will be one of your best holiday choices especially for Christmas, spending the holidays surrounded by the beautiful clear and warm waters of the Indian Ocean instead of the freezing temperatures and snow.

Nice Weather

The weather and temperature in the Maldives is almost consistent throughout the year, with only occasional rain showers during the wet season and a warm 30ºC. Of course, if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, instead of snow, you’re surrounded by white and sun-illuminated beach sands.

The Christmas Season

Being a Muslim country, the Maldives does not officially celebrate Christmas. However, the island resorts cater to guests who opt for a Christmas dinner as well as a few decorations. It is suggested that instead of celebrating Christmas the traditional way, spend it with your family on a quiet and relaxing beach with the white sands and beautiful ocean all around.


As a Muslim country, pork products are not allowed on the local islands and there is very little chicken products. Island resorts are allowed to serve pork and chicken products, but finding roast turkey with potatoes for a Christmas dinner will be very hard. Instead, why not enjoy a Christmas dinner with the fish cuisine the Maldives is known for. There is a variety of delectable tuna, fish broth, spicy and non-spicy fish dishes, paired with rice cooked in coconut oil.

Explore the Islands

Even if you spend Christmas on an exclusive island resort, spend a day or two island hopping or exploring. You can explore other beaches, coves, islets, and atolls, or take a safari through the dense forest. You can experience having a massage on one of the islands while facing the clear waters or go on a yoga retreat for health and wellness during the holidays.

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