Liveaboard Holiday

Liveaboards are simply holidays spent on a cruising or diving yacht that is equipped to spend a week or less at sea while touring several islands or atolls. The common Liveaboard package is for diving, but there could be others such as Surfing Liveaboard or simple Island Hopping Liveaboard.

Liveaboard accommodations are at par with 3- or 4-star hotel accommodations, are staffed with world-class personnel, including the chefs and food servers that serve three meals a day, usually in buffet style.

Level Up the Scuba Certification

If you’re a serious diver and you want to earn more steps for scuba certification, a Liveaboard is a great option because most diving boats offer training or refresher programs through organisations like PADI and SSI. Be sure to inquire about this before booking.

The Essentials are Usually All-Inclusive

Most Liveaboards are usually all-inclusive. Liveaboard Diving packages include the stay on the boat with an itinerary, meals, water, snacks, and use of diving equipment if you didn’t bring your own. No extra money or time needs to be spent getting to the diving sites because the boat goes to the sites.

Check Out the Itinerary

An important aspect to consider is the location of the dive sites. In the Maldives, the best dive locations you will always hear are South Male Atoll, Vaavu Atoll, Meemu Atoll, and Fuvahmulah. If you see these locations, the itinerary is worth it. Also, the Maldives is mostly about marine life, so enquire about underwater photography. Also, enquire if a night dive or two is included.

Be sure to also check out the length of the itinerary. A 7- or 8-day is usually long enough, and you get to dive three or four times a day, including a night dive or two.


Be prepared to spend because if you’re looking for cheap options, you can rule out the big diving yachts and cushy accommodations. Remember that Liveaboards are not cheap because they offer world-class amenities to make your holiday a great experience. These amenities will include the airport pickup and transfer to the port.

The Season

The time of year is a serious consideration. All diving boats run year-round. However, some dive locations may be affected by the weather or season, and this includes diving visibility. During the peak seasons, trips can be filled up quickly so be sure to book your trip far in advance.