No matter how you picture your ultimate Indian Ocean holiday – in the Maldives, where else? – you can never really picture it out the way you imagined it. That’s how beautiful the Maldives and its islands are. Whether you want to just quietly contemplate the clear turquoise waters, go diving with unique marine life, sip coffee on the pearly white beach, or even explore inland on a safari, here are just some of the few choices for a Maldives’ holiday.

Foodie Holiday

You can enjoy culinary delights from around the world or specializing in Maldivian dishes at any exclusive or open resort or hotel on any island of your choice. You can still find the best a la carte restaurants for some of the tastiest dishes in Malé City or its surrounding islands. You will even find really good Japanese delicacies, fresh seafood grills, and Mediterranean cuisine. The market area in Malé City also offers the best Maldivian specialties.

Diving Holiday

If you’re into diving, instead of diving in just one spot on an exclusive island, why not experience the best diving spots in the Maldives by taking a Liveaboard Diving Boat cruise? Adventure Maldives offers its Scuba Escape liveaboard diving package with an itinerary for 8 days and 7 nights aboard a Maldives Boat Club vessel.

Spa and Yoga Retreat Holiday

If you love spa or yoga retreats, try Island Revive by Adventure Maldives. A unique Maldives holiday where you get to explore a beautiful uninhabited island while having daily yoga sessions at sunrise and sunset. You also get to choose to either have spa sessions or go fishing. There is also a night UV snorkelling session in a pristine reef.

Couples (or Honeymoon) Holiday

If it is privacy and intimacy you need, there are lots of couple’s hideaways to choose from in the Maldives. Each exclusive resort or beach offers its own package, always with a peaceful and secluded setting, with its own “no shoes barefoot policy.” You can have romantic strolls on beautiful sandbanks or dine under the stars and over sea waters.