5 Marketing Trends that are Now Driving the Holidays Maldives Industry

Due to the infrastructure development in the Maldives for the past 20 years, both from the state and private sectors, the country’s tourism achievements have been astounding. Naturally, the Maldives will continue to develop its hospitality sector to increase its dynamism. The Maldives does beg some analysis since, for a country almost totally dependent on tourism, should the Maldives sell the tourism industry as a whole or in terms of individual resorts? Or perhaps shouldn’t the Maldives hospitality be celebrated in its entirety.

What the country is doing now is marketing the Maldives as a whole; there is strong belief that the entirety of the country’s marketing promotion will greatly support the marketing efforts of the individual resorts. The 5 marketing trends used by both the government and holidays Maldives industry are:


Videos constitute 82% of all government and private sector marketing efforts. It is agreed that videos are able to get and hold the attention of viewers and make a true connection because the viewers see the destination in its true form.


Influencer Marketing

Rather than target the whole market, influencer marketing gets influential people from specific target markets. For instance, to target the rich and famous, they get celebrities with personal blogs. To target the millennial market, they get travel bloggers / vloggers. They also target photographers and content creators who are active on social media as travellers. In the future, the government will explore into organising sporting and entertainment events allowed within the bounds of Islam.


Resorts are encouraged to have mobile-friendly websites or integrated smartphone apps so as to target the large millennial, middle-income, and affordable budget customers who want to book their holidays Maldives for a different experience.

Fighting Fake News

Fake news websites affect all types of businesses today, and the Maldives tourism industry is no exception, since some unscrupulous persons are targeting the Maldives merely because it is a Muslim country, lumping them in fake commonality with such countries as Yemen, Syria, and Iran.


Storytelling is a strategy used by all sectors in order to help all targeted audiences to form an emotional connection that will lead them to come back to the Maldives for a second or third holiday, or at least, give their positive stories to others and encourage them to also book their holidays in the Maldives.


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