How to Travel to the Maldives on a BUDGET!

Maldives on a BUDGET
How to Travel to the Maldives on a BUDGET


Yes. It is possible!

What was once a dream is now a reality; you can now travel and experience all-inclusive luxury in the Maldives on a budget!

It is no secret that Maldives is the playground for the rich and famous. With its famed beauty both on land and underwater, no wonder this island paradise is a notoriously expensive destination. But that is about to change.

Here is how you can experience Maldives without denting your pocket.

Stay on guesthouses

Guesthouses are way cheaper than luxury hotels. You can find a number of these accommodations in the island which only offer $40 to $80 dollars per night! If you are worried about the kind of room you will get for such a low price, worry not. Maldives guesthouses offer decent room accommodations with hot and cold shower, peaceful ambiance and superfast Wi-Fi.

Aside from saving a fortune, you will not be confined in  ultra-expensive resorts. Since luxury resorts in the Maldives are exclusively situated on its own island, you are isolated from the rest of the archipelago. But staying at guesthouses offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the local life.

Find cheap excursion packages

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy Maldives is to book through your guesthouse. Or you can wander around and shop for prices before making a decision. Be sure to ask what is included in your tour packages. Some guesthouses include water, soda and lunch in their rates while some don’t.

If you are planning on a scuba adventure or snorkeling trip, the cheapest option is a liveaboard trip. Most guesthouses will also arrange for fishing trips, day trips to different resorts as well as yoga retreats in the Maldives. You can also take trips to different sand banks and go island hopping on the stunning atolls scattered in the Indian Ocean.

Cheap transport is also aplenty

Instead of a speedboat which can cost around $200-$280 a journey, opt for local ferries which only cost $2-$4 for a three hour journey. However, ferries run on schedule, so better check the ferry timetable to match your activities.

Also, if you are visiting one of the islands, you can ask for a local fisherman to take you across on his boat.  There are actually many cheaper ways to travel the clear blue waters of Maldives. So do not be afraid to ask around.


Maldives is a STRICT COUNTRY

While everything goes in a private luxury resort, there are local islands that do not allow you to wear skimpy clothing. Yes, including your bikinis. But there are designated beaches for tourists. A barrier is built between the street of the island and the beachfront. Once you pass the barrier you can take off your clothes.

However, topless sunbathing is ILLEGAL and can land you in jail. So if topless sunbathing is important to you, check in advance with your guesthouse accommodation.

Maldives is now capitalising more on budget-conscious travelers and backpackers. So if you are dreaming of a holiday vacation in the Maldives on a budget you can absolutely do so!




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