MaldivesMore Than Just Resorts

Everyone knows that The Maldives is both a paradise as well as a stickler for privacy. Yes, its islands have insanely beautiful views, snow-white beaches, and azure oceans. But it also speaks of remoteness from the outside world because most of its tourism attraction is from its exclusive resorts that are, unfortunately, not accessible to everyone.

Are there other options to visit the Maldives?

When talking about resorts, many more affordable resorts have been opening since 2008, offering packages and deals to attract more holiday goers. The more exclusive and expensive resorts have also begun to offer more so-called “affordable” deals or discounts to attract more middle-income tourists.

However, being in the resort holiday goer is limited only to that single resort and single island.

There is another option to visit local islands wherein the local populace have opened local businesses to tourists. In most of these islands, the local tourism businesses include a jetty, guest houses, cafes, restaurants, exclusive tourism beaches, and diving centers.

Again, though more affordable, you will need to book several times for ferries or you are at the mercy ferry schedules to cross from island to island. Accommodations may be cheap, but nothing even approaching the best cheap hotel at Male, the Maldivian capital.

Or you can choose perhaps the best option of all, a Liveaboard Cruise, with choices ranging from diving to snorkeling to surfing.

Liveaboard Cruises

The concept of the Liveaboard is simple. A Liveaboard boat, usually a large cruise yacht normally more than 120 feet and more than 30 feet wide takes tourists on a week-long trip to several atolls and islands usually inaccessible to normal resort tourists. There are several choices to the types of Liveaboard cruises, the most common ones being scuba diving, surfing, or snorkeling. It is called “Liveaboard” because the guests stay and eat aboard the yacht for the duration of the itinerary.

State-of-the-art Vessels

Liveaboard yachts are state-of-the-art sea vessels that offer maximum comfort for the cruise. These yachts normally accommodate around two dozen guests with cabin suites fitted with comfortable beds, hot showers, bathrooms, TV, and other amenities. The vessel is fully air-conditioned.

The liveaboard boat crew and staff all speak English because of the country’s high literacy rate. They are also the most accommodating and well-trained people you will ever get to meet.

All meals served are in buffet style and there is a mini-bar that serves bottled water, soda, juice, and some alcohol.

But the best part of any Liveaboard cruise is the islands and atolls you get to visit. For divers and snorkelers, the chance to see a huge variety of marine life up close makes the cruise more than worth it. For those after more above-water activities, the islands and atolls, views, the water, is always breath-taking, something you will never get to see or experience anywhere else in the world.

Kinds of Activity when going on a Liveaboard Adventure that will take you around the best spots in the Maldives

Scuba Diving – You get to visit the number of best diving area in the Maldives

Surfing –  Get to surf around the Maldives with waves that  make it more adventurous and daring

Fishing  – Even though with strick compliance authorized fishing charter | liveaboards will take you to the area where fishing is allowed and get a huge chance to catch  Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo.

Island Retreat – You can do much more activities in a local Island where you can do snorkeling, yoga, paddle boarding, barbecue, beach volleyball.

For a more exciting holiday in The Maldives, choose to go Liveaboard for the most unforgettable holiday of your life.