The Central Atolls have increasing popularity for surfers who want to escape the northern crowds. Thaa and Laamu Atolls nestled in the central regions don’t compare to the fame of the North or South Male Atolls.

South male atoll surf spots have breaks that are more accessible, all thanks to the many resorts, and liveaboard.

But still, Central Atolls Surf has breaks continue the Maldivian tradition of offering pristine barrels and consistent surfing experience.

People who discover the beauty of Central Atolls can’t get enough of its medium-sized waves.

Some of the notable spots at Thaa Atoll include Finnimas, Malik’s, Outside Mikado, and Inside Mikado.

Adventure Maldives Central Surf

Laamu Atoll boasts a few known spots called Refugee’s Lefts, Ying Yang, and Refugee’s Rights. Locals and tourists love the fast and sectioned waves here. You can enjoy speedy barrels that force you to burn down the line trying to make the section. These waves are truly not for the faint of heart.

You might not get the best beginner surfing in the Maldives in its Central Atolls. Those with intermediate level surfing skills will enjoy this area the most.

There are some spots here that need specific conditions to offer a spectacular ride. But if there are a strong southerly swell and a perfect wind direction, it’s almost impossible to leave this surfing destination.

So if you’re planning to take advantage of the idyllic setting and the fantastic solitary surroundings of the Central Atolls, then you need to arrange a boat trip. The surf charters can only be accessed through the region’s breaks.