Yoga Fitness and Wellness You Can Find in the Maldives

Imagine yourself in that yoga pose while feeling the flow of your mind and body with every breath you take. You then inhale the very fresh inland or sea air, free of any kind of pollution. You may do your yoga on the beach to see and feel the pearl white sand and the clear and turquoise waters while feeling the waves strike the beach. There is no other place as tranquil, beautiful, and a paradise as the Maldives while doing any of the different yoga experiences guided by expert in-house yogis.


Yoga for Beginners

This is the usual introductory yoga instruction for anyone new to yoga. It includes easy postures, meditation, and breathing exercises.


Yoga for Stress

This is an easy and practical yoga technique to train the mind and body to work in harmony in order to release stress and bring in a healthier vibe.


Yoga for Back Pain

The sessions here are quite safe for people with back issues and even help to alleviate pain when done on a regular basis.


Yoga as Pre-Natal Aid

This yoga art helps pregnant women to focus complete attention on one area that usually leads to a state of peace and harmony.


General Meditation

Meditation is the yoga art of focusing your complete attention on one area that can lead to a state of complete harmony and peace.


Breathing Yoga

Called Pranayama, this technique is used to measure, control, and direct a person’s breathing. The technique is used to restore and maintain the health of a person while increasing the capacity of the lungs to direct more oxygen into the whole body.


Yoga Sleep

Called Yogic Sleep or Nindra, this is the extremely deep relaxation of the nervous system in order to heal the body by making it rest and recharge. This is the only yoga session done using the lying position.


Power Yoga

This dynamic session is for people who prefer more of a workout. Yoga poses are done without stopping and are combined with yogic breathing.


Sunrise and Sunset Yoga

This session allows you to enjoy the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun on the beach. This session combines different poses, Pranayama breathing, and meditation.


It’s time to start your yoga journey! Join others for the Yoga Retreats in Maldives for Beginners Program here.

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