When we say holidays in Maldives, most people’s bucket list will revolve around the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. But hey! There is actually more to this multi-island paradise than endless stretches of atolls and sand!

Here are 3 unusually fun and exciting ways to explore Maldives!

  1. A stroll to Maldives National Museum

What better way to discover all that Maldives has to offer than to appreciate the rich history of this archipelago?

The National Museum houses a large collection of historical artifacts from stone objects and fragments of royal antiquities from the Buddhist era to the Islamic monarch rule. You can find relics such as thrones, costumes and shoes, royal sunshades and furniture, ornaments, coins as well as arms and armor.

The highlight of the museum include an 11th century coral stone of Lord Buddha from Alifu Thoddoo, a 13th century engraved wooden plank from Hukuru Miskiiy and the Feyli Kolhu, a fine example of the intricate craftsmanship of the Maldivian waevers  worn by Sultan Ghaazee Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A’s’am in the 16th century.

  1. A visit to Male’ Friday Mosque

Another way to immerse yourself in the traditional Maldivian culture is by visiting the Male’ Friday Mosque or the Hukuru Miskiiy. It is one of the oldest and most decorated mosques in Male’ constructed in 1658 by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar. It is a beautiful structure made from coral stone featuring an intricate decoration chiseled with Quranic script.

The Mosque’s interior is famed for its lacquer work and elaborate woodcarvings. You can also see a 13th century wood panel carving that commemorates the introduction of Islam to the Maldives.

Caution though. For non-Muslim visitors, you need to ask permission first before you can go inside the Mosque.

  1. Get a taste of the daily Maldivian life by stopping at the Male’ local fish market

You might be wondering what you should be doing at a local fish market. But I promise, a side trip to this area is worth the while.

The Male’ local fish market is the commercial epicenter of the country’s most important industry – fishing. What makes this market special is that you can absolutely find any kind of fish and seafood here. So if you fancy a homemade meal, you can go to the edge of the market and buy the freshest catch right at the fishing boat!

Also the market is kept scrupulously clean, disinfected and washed down each day.

You see, there are more to see and discover in Maldives. So if you are planning on spending your holidays in the island, be sure to experience a 360 degree unique Maldives adventure.


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