Visiting Maldives

Do I need a visa to go to Maldives?
All Visitors get on arrival 30 days Visa. Visitors entering the Republic of Maldives should fulfill the following requirement for the grant of an entry permit into the country. Valid international travel document issued by the Government of a Sovereign State. Return air ticket. Minimum of US$30.00 per person per day or confirmed hotel reservation.
When is the best time to visit Maldives?
Usually it is from November to April.

Fights and Travel

How do I reach Maldives, does your package include flight.
There are daily flights from all around the world to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport or Male’ International Airport. Our package does not include flight.
Which airlines fly to the Maldives?
Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Sri Lankan, Indian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways and many other flights. Check out www.airports.com.mv
What next when I reach the Airport?
There will be our representatives at the airport to receive you

General Diving & Snorkeling

Are there any dive wrecks in the Maldives?
There are many wrecks, but most of them are sunken for diving purpose.
What do I have to bring to dive?
Your Dive Gear , Your C cards and log book. Tanks and Weights will be provided.

Liveaboard Diving

What is the capacity of the boats?
Liveaboard “Adora” has capacity of 21 pax
How stable are the boats, will I get seasick?
Most of the time the sea is calm, so you won’t feel much seasick.
How many Dive Guides are on each boat?
Normally we have 3 Padi Certified Guides on board each boat


How can I pay for my trip?
We accept most major credit and debit cards on board or payment by bank transfer prior arrival. Credit cards are subject to a 5% fee. Unfortunately we are unable to accept American Express or Diners Club cards..
What Currency is accepted in Maldives?

Currency accepted in most places are local currency Rufiyaa and United States Dollars. Major currencies can be exchanged at banks, tourist resort islands, hotels and leading shops.

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